Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mexican Squirtle

In my boredum I have created, what I consider my first, real contribution of my Mexican drawings. So I present to you, Mexican Squirtle.


It's come to my attention.

I cannot always draw the same thing in MS paint, because this will indeed become quite boring when I start releasing various pieces of art onto my blog. So every so often I will post a random picture, that either I find quite interesting, or a picture I have actually drawn(not in MS paint). I feel this will actually make my blog page more enjoyable and not boring to others, and invite them to actually read and continually check back on my blog.

(This is just a random picture I found on google, please hold no attention to it(unless you like it!?))

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A new age of Mexicans.

In the following days I shall be releasing various artworks crafted in MS paint, all of which will be something not typically Mexican, but drawn in a Mexican fashion.